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Oscar & Trudie

At Oscar & Trudie, we don’t just make promises about transparency, sustainability and fairness – we live up to them. The origin, production and processing of our merchandise are just as important to us, as our conduct towards employees, suppliers and customers. We do not only promise our customers to keep these values alive, we expect them to be demanded. Treating our livestock species-appropriately, taking good care of our environment and an economic and sustainable approach are all part of our fundamental grasp at Oscar & Trudie.
We all know happily ever after. A saying goes: If it’s not happy, then it’s not ever after. But then there’s also that sort of person, that grabs a screw driver and a hammer and personally makes sure it’s happy. And ever after.
Product development at Oscar & Trudie is not just his responsibility, it’s more of a favorite pastime. On an average day, you will find Thomas in the warehouse, surrounded by loden and leather, working on a new product.
To Thomas, the quality of the chosen materials is just as important as its processing. Whether we’re talking correct preservation of dog food or the saddler’s final touch on one of the belts – at the end of the day, what counts is that each product lives up to Oscar & Trudie’s quality standards.
“To Stefanie, „New Old-Fashioned Dog Food“ is more than just a slogan. Which is not a suprise, given that there is a dog on every single one of her family portraits. And included in all of her family trees. And on every vacation snap.
Sustainability and transparency, especially when it comes to feed, natural ingredients and species-appropriate feeding have become Stefanie’s passion and career alike. At Oscar & Trudie, she gets to live up to these personal matters of concern. To her, the dog food isn’t acceptable until she has shaken hands with the farmer, who delivers the beef.

Our promise



The claim to high-quality dog food hasn’t come up for us by following the market’s demands. That claim is inherent in us. Common sense tells us how to act. We are committed to treating all animals species-appropriately and with dignity, regardless whether pet or livestock.
It is not until we treat our livestock species-appropriately and with dignity, that we can guarantee the same conduct towards our pets. Specieis-appropriate feeding and husbandry, correct breeding and first and foremost respectful treatment during processing guarantee „New Old-Fashioned Dog Food“ not only to be our claim, but also our value. And through our work, that value is a guarantee.
We avow for our products with all of our passion for the animals and for sustainable and tenable agriculture and breeding. This is for our customers, the animals, but also for the surroundings we live in and for society, to whom we feel obliged.


„Austria Bio Garantie“ guarantees a high safety level for imported goods by conducting reputable quality assessments in the countries of origin, offering technical support for import applications and drawing up import documents quickly.
Austria Bio Garantie Ltd. is Austria’s leading inspection body for organic products. With inspections all over Austria and even overseas, it closely examines organic farmers all the way up to processing and sales.

Great grandma engelberta...

Dogs were just as important to Great Grandma Engelberta as not speaking with your mouth full at the dinner table. Her diligent, disciplined and just personality as a woman and entrpreneur were not only her reason for success, but also live on in Oscar & Trudie.
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